Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Politics Anyone?

Many unions are openly political. Like savvy CEO’s, they use available funds to support political decisions they hope will pay off.There’s nothing wrong with that. Democracy thrives on it. If you don’t stand up for your own interests, why would anyone else?

For journalists, however, it’s a different story. We make a living being fiercely objective. Most journalists I know don’t vote, many won’t even eat at a free press lunch so they can’t be accused of being “bought”. It means a union that represents journalists faces a dilemma.

Do we stay quiet because journalists are supposed to cover the story, not be the story?

Do we lobby carefully for our interests; protecting sources, access to information,
ensuring Canadian content, fighting for fair rules governing the internet(,protecting public broadcasting, TV in isolated rural areas, stopping the same 3 families from buying EVERY newspaper, TV and radio station so the only voices you will hear are trust fund heirs and their grandchildren.;

Or do we take open political stands on issues that affect us as citizens and workers, as well as journalists?

Right now, CMG takes the middle road. Should we be doing more


  1. I can understand why journalists don't want to accept gifts, favours, or outright payments from individuals or organizations that they are covering as part of their jobs - clearly, they could be accused of being influenced in the presentation of the stories involved. But the act of voting itself, or even having a personal opinion about what political party, leader or policy would be best for the jurisdiction the journalist lives in, this, I feel, is the natural right of all individuals in a society, including journalists and all media workers. Of course, they may be required to exercise discretion as to exactly when (and how) these views may be promoted - but to abandon them completely, is to repudiate rights and freedoms that have been fought for and handed down to us over the years. I think it is natural and correct for all media workers to exercise their rights -alone and/or in organizations - to take political stands on issues that affect them, as all other members of our society are allowed to do.

  2. I wish the CBC would stop being so quiet while under such an obviously coordinated attack by Sun Media/QMI, various lobby groups including the NCC and the Government of Canada (sorry, I won't call it the Harper Government, it's the GOC no matter who is in power). They are clearly working together and it's sickening. I know they don't want to give credence to BS, but I'm sorry, it seems to me the misinformation coming from these quarters is starting to stick with the public. When does the CBC fight back? And where is Hubert LaCroix on this? He needs to take a tougher public stand and demand James Moore do the same, along with all senior managers. What about some full page ads by the Guild setting the lies straight? Something? Anyone? If we don't tell people, who will?


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