Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rad-Can's Sylvain Lafrance and PK Peladeau settle dispute

The VP of Radio-Canada, Sylvain Lafrance, and the CEO of Quebecor, Pierre Karl Peladeau (aka PKP) have buried the hatchet.

Today they settled a defamation suit PKP launched against Lafrance in 2007 after Lafrance said PKP was acting like a ~thug ("voyou" - a rather high-profile insult in France these days) when Quebecor stopped contributing to the Canadian Television Fund. The comment was reported. PKP wanted $700,000 in damages.

Instead, Lafrance and Radio-Canada issued a public statement saying they regret that the comments were taken in offence.

All right, then.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Best Budds

The union for Canadian performers ACTRA: awarded long time CBC radio host Barbara Budd a national honour calling her the "voice of Canada". Among those cheering was Corner Gas star Eric Peterson.

Meeting such talented people reminds me how difficult it is for actors in Canada, where we are swamped by all things American. Would any other country allow its independent voice to be so smothered?http://http//

I have high hopes a more assertive generation coming up will fight to protect a space for their own talent on Canadian Radio, TV and theatre screens. http://

One Good Thing

Congratulations to the handful of young leaders just elected to parliament. Imagine representing your country at 19!

In the union movement too we are lucky to increasingly have talented young members stepping up to run things. Age is not an obstacle to leadership. Anyone can learn the skills it takes to excel, make a contribution to your community and improve the lives of your colleagues at work. (photo: CMG national executive members)