Monday, September 19, 2011

Taxes and other Misunderstandings

There are good kids, and there is bad behavior. That's the way I feel about taxes. Why is it a clown can get elected promising "no taxes"; it doesn't even make sense. Anyone who has traveled knows there are hundreds of places where "no taxes" means living in squalor, with no schools for your children, no decent roads, hospitals or dependable public services. Are any of us really against taxes that pay for good schools, hospitals, highways, garbage pickup, recycling, even public pools. Why is it such an oxymoron? Would we really have it any other way? What we don't want is waste, corruption, billions in corporate breaks, and helping the super rich avoid paying a fair share. So lets give the maligned 3 letter word a little love, and make politicians actually think and tell us WHAT they are going to spend our taxes on, instead of accepting a worn out old cliche.

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