Monday, March 9, 2009

A troubled employer and the Conservatives are laughing????

Word in just now that when Liberal Culture Critic Pablo Rodriguez asked a question in today’s Question Period about CBC funding, government MPs applauded and laughed in sync.

Hey, this is an employer that is about to make cuts and announce layoffs because the government of the day has decided not to find a relatively small sum to loan it. And that’s funny??? In today’s economy?

This is political partisanship at its very lowest. This government, through the actions of its MPs in the House, is openly mocking our public broadcaster, and dismissing the importance of more Canadians potentially losing their jobs.

Every Canadian should be outraged at this infantile display, whether or not they support the CBC getting a few million dollars of bridge financing.


  1. Conservatives don't like the CBC. They'll slowly chisel away at it until they can sell they contents off to their buddies at CTV.

  2. To be fair, the CBC should sell off some individual stations and focus on being a national broadcaster. We need more CKWS's.

  3. Let the private networks be forced to do the selling of stations. Not the CBC.


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